Sunday, October 4, 2009

Phase I complete

Not really, here's a list of tasks remaining:

- Reroute fuel supply line under the floor.
- Reroute vent and overflow lines under the rear deck
- Cover holes in rear deck with sheet metal
- Reinstall radiator, hoses, thermostat, and tee fitting to head and associated wiring
- Finish bleeding brakes
- Replace timing belt
- Replace the single bolt on the water pump :(
- Reinstall alternator and belts
- Replace the cracked flex disk, center bearing cushion, and bearing
- Replace pickup, clean plugs, and tune
- Fix remaining vacuum leaks
- Finish removing interior pieces and get cage, seat, switch, and extinguisher installed
- Get tires installed
- Check muffler
- Check rear transmission mount (there's something rattling under there
- Paint a big "09" and related decorations on the sides, and put Vick Racing stickers on (that's our sponsor! please visit!) and let Ian paint a quarter panel.

I'm going to stop messing around now and go work some more on some of this stuff. I'm glad to have all my brothers, brothers-in-law, and Glen on the team, but I do wish some of them lived down here.

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