Wednesday, October 14, 2009

home stretch

Erroll dropped the car off last night for the cage and seat, and some random welding work. It started right up after sitting for a couple of days, so that's a good sign.

Remaining things to do when the car gets home -
I am pretty sure we can get it all done in time:

1. try to fix the cam box oil leak, it's pretty bad. It might just need to
be re-torqued but probably not - may need a new gasket/sealant. (hard)
2. replace accelerator cable (looks fairly easy)
3. change oil, transmission and diff fluid (oil easy, other two medium)
4 replace air filter (5 min job)
5. flush and refill cooling system (easy)
6. install extinguisher (easy)
7. install kill switch (medium)
8. install harness (medium)
9. adjust clutch cable (easy)
10.replace shocks and struts (hard)
11. Grease the stupid emergency brake cable so at least it will unjam faster. (5 min job)
12. Install the camera and radio mounts
13. weld the broken muffler bracket (easy)
14. put some padding round the glass fuel prefilter (easy)
15. tape up external lights and mirrors (easy)

16. Flush brake system and refill with racing fluid
17. Fasten down the stupid brake reservoir

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