Saturday, August 22, 2009

turbo boost on

We've been offically accepted for the race, and I've started working on the car in earnest. I got it out of storage this morning and pulled it into my garage (displacing the poor Mercedes), and filled up half the big trashcan with junk I've pulled out of it. I need to remove the AC system, and re-install the gas tank, install new fuel lines and filter, and the new pump, and then get a battery for it and oil the cylinders and try to start it. It looks like the previous owner was having a little trouble with it - there's a bag of nearly new spark plugs in the trunk, the plug wires are new, and there's a few loose relays rattling around in the back with notes taped on such as "Might work", "Works but intermitantly [sic]", and other encouraging phrases.

It's still blazing hot outside so I've knocked off work for the afternoon.

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